Growing up with an agricultural background I always had an appreciation for manual  work and from a young age always pictured myself following a career where my hands would earn me a living. I have always loved watching craftsmen work and have always been fascinated by what can be produced simply by human hands.

Whilst working on a school project at the age of 15 I had my first taste of blacksmithing, from that moment on I knew that working with metal was going to be my craft. After finishing school I got to study at the National School of Blacksmithing in Hereford, where working under the guidance of some of Britain’s best blacksmiths I learned the skills involved in the craft. This experience completely opened my eyes to the true craft of blacksmithing and what can be produced with metal if you have the skills and imagination to produce it.

Whilst at the college I completed the three year National Diploma course obtaining a triple distinction grade. After completing the course I also received a Certificate of Merit from the Worshipful company of blacksmiths as recognition to the quality of my work.

I am now a self employed blacksmith working from my own workshop in Goytre, Monmouthshire.


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